Children's Use Of The Library

Children’s Use of the Library Policy

We welcome all children to use the Wicomico Public Library. Many educational and entertaining events are planned by staff each week. Staff is available to answer questions about the location of material and the meaning of Library policy.

Please realize that the staff of the Library is not responsible for the safety, care or supervision of children using the Library. For the sake of other library users, children who exhibit behavior inappropriate for the Library may be asked to leave the building. To avoid this kind of unpleasant encounter, we ask parents and caregivers to observe the following guidelines:

Please provide your children with basic understanding of proper indoor behavior. The concepts of respect for others who use the Library, respect for Library materials and facilities, and respect for Library staff are part of the Library’s Code of Conduct.

Children under the age of nine (9) must stay with a parent or caregiver at all times. A responsible teen over the age of 13 may be allowed to supervise a child. Library staff members are not responsible for unattended children.

Children nine (9) and older may be allowed to use the Library independently provided they exhibit proper Library behavior.

Groups of children visiting the Library must have adequate adult supervision.

Computers with Internet access are provided for parents to use in the children’s area while they monitor their child at play.

Failure to monitor your child may result in the loss of computer use.